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Habits of Happiness

The Habits of Happiness film series was one of my favorite courses that I had the privilege of taking do to the nature of it being a more physiological and motivating course but also all the interesting things I was able to learn and apply to my everyday life. I learned a lot from the course but there were three things that stuck out to me the most and that was because of how close these three topics intertwined with each other. The first thing that I learned was positive psychology. I learned that by just putting more effort into focusing on the positives, rather then thinking about all the negatives that could go wrong, situations in my everyday life had a more positive outcome. When I would think more negative I felt like my day would become more negative vs if I thought more positive thoughts the more positive my day became. The second thing I learned was that happiness has a lot to do with self-esteem as well as from values that we acquire in our own life. This can be as simple as making new friends like I did on my birthright trip or to achieving life set goals that you’ve had set for a long time. One of my goals when I was younger which I recently achieved was to graduate from college. Lastly I learned how important is it to remain close to those who are important in your life such as your family and friends. On days where I feel more down having that close bond with a friend or family member that you can easily call just to talk to for a few minutes can have a huge positive impact on your day. I talk to my dad everyday on the phone sometimes about random things just to keep in touch and other times about more serious problems going on whether that be at work or school but just having someone there to help and voice their opinion makes a huge difference.

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Trevor Wolchover
Tlalim 468 Summer 2016