About Bring Israel Home

What is Bring Israel Home?

Bring Israel Home is an incredible opportunity for returning Taglit-Birthright Israel participants to define and form your Jewish identities through engaging with Jewish activities that are meaningful to you. It allows you to create an individualized narrative of your Jewish experience. Here at Bring Israel Home, we believe that a self-guided journey exploring Judaism will lead to informed, passionate and committed Jewish engagement.

If you were going to explore your Judaism, where would your journey lead you? Our approach to Jewish exploration is “Try It, Love It, Live It!”

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Try It

Explore and develop your Jewish identity. TRY Jewish activities that appeal to your interests.

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Love It

Let us know if you LOVE (or didn’t!) your hand-picked Jewish experiences! Would you Try It again?

Live it 63d68f7029322dcbdf08f57984e807f12b0efc90e96d876f07d59e6cce7fb3b7

Live It

Once you find those Jewish activities that speak to you, continue to LIVE your individualized Jewish journey!

Take the Challenge today! Try It, Love It, Live It!

The creation of Bring Israel Home

Bring Israel Home was created in 2012 after our staff spoke with hundreds of participants who had just returned from a Taglit-Birthright trip. Their responses were pretty consistent; despite having an incredible and inspiring Taglit-Birthright experience, they lacked the resources to engage with, connect to, and explore their Jewish identities upon returning to the USA.

An Ecosystem of Jewish organizations

Bring Israel Home is an ecosystem of Jewish organizations, each contributing their skills, resources and time to make it so successful. Current partners in the program include; Aish NY, Hasbara Fellowships, JerusalemU, JNF, Masa, the OU, One Soldier Speak, OneTable and the URJ.