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Option 1:
Attend a 1 hour live webinar class given by Barbara Weinstein on the topic of Abraham, Moses, Esther & YOU: Great Jewish Social Justice Voices.

Description: What’s Jewish about social justice? How can you make your voice heard? Join Barbara Weinstein, Associate Director of the Religious Action Center (www.rac.org) and the Kesher Bring Israel Home community to find out!

The webinar will take place Thursday, June 19, at 7PM [EST]. Register here to attend the webinar:
Registration Link: https://www1.gotomeeting.com/register/679618905

Post on BIH that you attended (attendance will be verified), and using a minimum of 150 words, write something meaningful you took away from the class.

Option 2:
Ask a Rabbi or Trip staff 10 questions related to Judaism or Israel. Post your questions and responses on BIH.

Email info@bringisraelhome.com if you need assistance finding a Rabbi to speak with.

1.You only need to do one of the options presented.
2. To attend the webinar you must click on the link provided and register and actively attend.
3. Active attendance will be verified
4. Questions asked to a Rabbi or trip staff must be asked during the challenge week.
5. Conversations must be one on one and must be expressed in your own words- you may not have the same posting as another teammate.

Email kesher@bringisraelhome.com if you need assistance finding a Rabbi to speak with.

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