Discover Rosh Hashanah: Discover Tashlich

After watching the video, I have determined that Tashlich is a ritual in which you free your wrongdoings within a body of water. The Jewish people partcipate in Tashlich for many reasons. For example, they choose to pray next to a body of water because fish never close their eyes, similar to God. God is always watching us, just like the fish. Another reason is because we acknowledge Abraham's sacrificing of his son which was done on Rosh Hashanah next to a body of water as well. We do Tashlich so we can heal our relationship with God to start the process of repenting in the high holidays. In the future, I would personally like to work on being a better person and living in the present. I think that I can put others first and really try to be kinder. I am always look so much in the future, that I think it is time that I concentrate what is going on in present life, or I will never be appreciative of what I currently have or what is currently happening.

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Brooke Forrester
Israel Recharge '16

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