Discover Rosh Hashanah: Making Synagogue Meaningful

After reading the article "Making Synagogue Meaningful," the following tips I chose were: 1) 5 minutes of meaningful prayer are more powerful than hours of lip-service. 2) Don't expect to be "moved" by each prayer. 3) It's okay to linger if you feel particularly moved by a specific prayer. I do think these tips could help make my synagogue experience more meaningful. I do pray but not on a consistent basis and I think sometimes the expectation is that you need to get on your knees and pray for 5 hours to have a connection from God, but that just is not the case. 5 minutes really can be more powerful than 5 hours of meaningless connection. Secondly, I naturally have really high expectations so if I go into services thinking that I am going to be "moved" by every single prayer, it just is not going to happen. Lowering expectations and taking what comes is a much more realistic approach. Lastly, it's okay to linger. I don't connect with every single prayer I hear when I do go to services, but lingering on something I do connect with could make it more meaningful. If I had to give a tip to someone else to make their experience more meaningful, I would say go with other people. Having a group of Jewish people can help possibly make the experience more rich and meaningful, when you're sharing the religion together.

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