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What is Bring Israel Home?
Bring Israel Home is an incredible opportunity for returning Birthright Israel participants to define and
form their Jewish identities through engaging with meaningful Jewish activities. It allows participants
to create an individualized narrative of their Jewish experience.
Who is eligible to participate in Bring Israel Home?
Eligible Bring Israel Home participants must have recently returned from a Birthright Israel trip to
Israel. Eligible Birthright Israel buses are handpicked by our trip organizer partners to participate in
Bring Israel Home. Those buses that successfully earn 100 points of Jewish activities through the
100 Point Challenge are eligible for a reunion.
What is the 100 Point Challenge?
The 100 Point Challenge is an opportunity for returning Birthright Israel participants to TRY a variety
of Jewish activities, find those activities that they LOVE and want to continue to LIVE.
Bring Israel Home participants can choose to complete any Jewish activity that speaks to them to
earn 100 points. 50% or more of the American participants in a participating Birthright Israel bus
must earn 100 points on the Bring Israel Home website within three months after returning from their
Birthright Israel experience to earn a Bring Israel Home weekend reunion. You must complete your 100
points to attend the reunion.
The Bring Israel Home 100 Point Challenge is divided into two milestones. Participants must earn 50
points within the first month of returning from their Birthright Israel experience to qualify for the
following milestone. After achieving the first milestone, participants have two months to earn their
final 50 points of Jewish activity. The milestones are clearly outlines below:
 Milestone 1: 50% of a Birthright Israel bus must complete 50 points of Jewish activity in
the first month after returning from their Birthright Israel experience.
 Milestone 2: 50% of a Birthright Israel bus must complete 100 points of Jewish activity in
the two months after achieving Milestone 1.

How do participants earn points to complete the 100 Point Challenge?
Participants must log on to bringisraelhome.com, complete activities that appeal to them with the
resource of their choice, and post either a text, photo or video to bringisraelhome.com based on the
requirements of each activity.

What is a resource?
Resources are the key to earning points. They can be other Jewish organizations that make it easy
to earn points, or local Jewish or Israel events participants can attend, even educational sites where
participants can learn more about Judaism or Israel. Participants are encouraged to explore
resources to find the ways they want to try and complete Jewish activities.
How do participants post to bringisraelhome.com that they completed a Jewish activity?
Once participants choose the Jewish activity they’d like to try, they can choose to complete the
activity with the resource of their choice, or use a resource that Bring Israel Home has suggested. If
participants choose to try a Jewish activity with their own resource, they can choose the “Try It Your
Way” resource and let Bring Israel Home how they love to try Jewish activities.
Once participants have chosen the resource they’d like to try a Jewish activity with, they can click on
the resource to check out the activity’s “Instructions” to ensure that they know what they’ll need to do
to earn points.
After participants have completed an activity with the resource of their choice and are ready to post
for it, they must click on the “Post” button on the resource page.
On the post submission page, participants will be asked to upload a photo or video and/or write
about their experiences trying the activity. Once they’ve finished completing the posting
requirements, they much click “Post.”

How are point values assigned for each activity?
Each activity is assigned a point value determined by Bring Israel Home based upon difficulty and
estimated time to completion.

What is a badges? How do I earn them?
Badges are recognition that participants completed a grouping of activities or achieved a point goal.
As participants complete activities, they can check their profile for “Badges in Progress” to view the
badges that are available to them.

What is different between choosing to do activities versus a badge?
By choosing to do a badge in a concentrated area of activity, upon completion will get automatic
bonus points.

How many points can I get for completing a badge?
Each badge upon completion will add 10 points to your overall total.  This amount will include the
bonus points you will receive for choosing to complete this badge.

What happens if I only do some of the activities but not all under a certain badge?
You will get the individual points earned for the activities completed but not any points for the
activities not completed in addition to no bonus points.

Is posting different for a badge than regular activities?
No, the same system is used for posting for all activities on the bringisraelhome.com website.

How are posts reviewed?
All posts are reviewed by Bring Israel Home staff to ensure that they meet posting requirements.
Why would a post be marked invalid?
Posts are typically marked invalid for the following reasons:
1. The post does not meet the posting requirements.
2. The post indicates that the activity was done before the competition began.
3. The post includes inappropriate content.
Please note: If Bring Israel Home staff determine that participants may be cheating, both the
participant as well as that participant’s bus may be disqualified from the Bring Israel Home 100 Point
How do I know if my bus is eligible to participate in the Bring Israel Home 100 point
Reunion Challenge?
All buses chosen for the Bring Israel Home 100 point Reunion Challenge will be notified on your
Birthright trip about the Reunion Challenge.  If your bus chooses to accept the challenge you can
start earning points towards the 100 Point Challenge right when you return to America.

What should participants do if they forgot their password?

Participants should click on the “Forgot Password” link beneath the login box in the top right corner
of the Bring Israel Home homepage.
Can participants suggest other resources or opportunities to be displayed
on bringisraelhome.com?
Absolutely! Participants should fill out the Contact form below to let us know about the great
resources they would like to see on bringisraelhome.com.
Can participants earn points towards their 100 point challenge for doing a Jewish
activity prior to the competition start date?
Our philosophy is that the Jewish experience is a lifelong journey. Bring Israel Home is all about
finding the Judaism that participants love and want to live. That being said, we can only accept posts
for activities that have been completed during the Bring Israel Home challenge period.

What should participants do if they are unable to participate in the Bring Israel Home
100 Point Challenge?
Participants who do not feel that they can participate in the Bring Israel Home 100 Point Challenge
should email info@bringisraelhome.com to discuss Bring Israel Home policies for extenuating
Didn’t find what you were looking for? Contact us below with your questions, comments, praises, or
criticisms (we wanna hear it all!) and a Bring Israel Home representative will contact you.

Note: Always refer to your individual bus page for specific details pertaining to your individual group

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