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Each specific Way To Wisdom spoke to me in a different way. A majority of the things listed I felt surprisingly like I have been trying to incorporate these things into my daily life for the past few years. A lot I had also not really thought about or thought any deeper than the surface on. A few that really stood out to me are ones that I truly am trying to gain a hold on in my life currently and progress into the future with. The first was Way #5 The Power of Awe ; I love finding new beautiful places, seeking out gorgeous views and staring up at the stars at night. In a place where we cant always remove ourselves to gain a perspective, I think being in search of vast area's help you re-center yourself and truly realize how small we are and how fascinating this world and our existence truly are. The second way was # 20 The Art of Conversation; I'm constantly in a inner conflict of how I feel about technology becoming such a huge part of our lives because of how far it pulls us away from human interaction. We are slowly losing our ability to communicate through genuine expression and tone. You no longer need eye contact, or manners. It seems strange to drift away from something that was originally mandatory to live and thrive in life. I believe our generation needs to work harder to bring the art of conversation back into our every day lives.

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