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Rabbi Noah Weinberg stated some very noteworthy points in his article called “The Use of Physical Pleasure”. As talked about in the article, we must enjoy physical pleasure while learning how to control and harness it. Simply swallowing a candy bar isn’t as satisfying as enjoying a candy bar bite by bite. People in modern day society should take the time to enjoy the physical pleasures of life. As an athlete who constantly finds himself thirsty, I can relate to this. Often when I am dehydrated, I will chug a bottle of Gatorade or another refreshing drink. Usually, my need for water outweighs my need to enjoy the pleasure of taking a sip of a refreshing drink when I’m so thirsty. Slowly drinking the drink would help me be less thirsty, while allowing me to enjoy the full pleasure of a delicious drink. Another point I could relate to was “Get Your Money’s Worth”. So many people don’t realize that it can be pleasuring to get your money’s worth. Something I try to keep in mind when making a purchase is if I’ll get my money’s worth. Often, I will spend the extra money on a nicer product if I think I’ll use it often, and it will last long. I would rather pay more money for something that I can enjoy longer, than spend less money on something that will break easily or be useless.

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Sam Wallach

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