Read An Article About Judaism: Read: 48 Ways To Wisdom

The ways to wisdom speaks to me is #48 (Educate the Educators) because in the DOE (Department of Education) the whole world is here to learn and practice for a common goal which is being successful at what you’re learning base from your teachers that taught you general education such as English, Math, Science, History, etc. gives the ability to learn certain things you want to accomplish or things you want to do when you grow up. I feel strongly to be an educator in the Arts because I’ve learned alot of drawing and a lot of designing to became a professional artist and to maintain my interest in Animation, which is animating a character to do something cool and moving around place to place. For that particular matter comes with the ability to work in liberal arts to get the feel for how experienced English, Math, Science, History, etc. will come to play in the Animation role. I also want to educate myself to being Jewish because I have a belief in God for the creation of rain which gathers the source of water and creates nature to grow food in a sustain living.

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