10 Questions to Staff Member Tara Kho 1.Are a Rabbi and a Jewish Priest the same thing? 1. A Jewish Priest is a Kohan, who are descendants of Aaron from Biblical times. A Rabbi is a Jewish religious leader, who must study to become a Rabbi. 2.What about your life changed after your birthright trip? 2. I had traveled a year before to Israel with my aunt and cousin, and that really changed my perspective on Judaism and Israel. Going on Birthright was another great experience and spiritual awakening. My group was one of the things that made my trip so meaningful. Traveling all around Israel with a group of Jews, that all came from different cultural backgrounds really made me feel a part of something bigger than myself. 3.How does/in what ways Judaism help you shape your future? 3. I was raised with Jewish values and morals, which I will continue to use to help shape my future. 4.Which holidays/ceremonies are the most important to you? Why? 4. The most important Jewish holiday for me is Yom Kippur, because it is the holliest day of the year. Its a time to atone and repent- and just reflect on the year. I spend it fasting and going to synagogue with my family. 5. Have you ever had to stand up alone for your religious beliefs? How did you feel? 5. My university was affiliated with the Church of Christ, and we had to go to Church once a week. Usually they had speakers come and speak for half an hour about how there life was going down the wrong path and then they found God. During one session, they invited a former soldier that was in the German Army during World War II. He talked about when he was young he was pressured to join the army and then later found God and realized what he was a part of was something immoral. I was furious that they would invite this specific speaker and went and spoke to the person in charge. I felt I had to stand up as a Jew, and explain to them my grievances at them inviting this particular speaker. 6. What do you hope for future Jewish Children? 6. I hope health, safety and happiness for future Jewish children. 7. Why do you believe there are so many stigma’s attached to Judaism? 7. I believe there are stigmas attached to every religion that you don't know and have not studied. I think it is all ignorance. 8. What is the most important thing to you about your own Judaism? To respect and honor my ancestors and keep the religion and practices alive in my every day life to eventually pass to my children. 8. Would you be scared to live in Israel? I think I would naturally be a little scared, but its also someplace I feel very safe and a sort of safe you cant feel anywhere else. 9. Will you try to marry a Jewish man? I would like to, but you never know. 10. What is your favorite thing about being Jewish to enlighten people on? Being younger I thought it was funny that Hanukkah seemed so much cooler to other kids than Christmas because it lasted eight nights, it was fun trying to explain that to friends.

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