Learn About This Week's Torah Portion: Try It Your Way Torah Portion

I studied the weekly portion of the Torah on g-dcast.com. I and my friend and fellow Birthright companion Alex studied this portion. The story was about Balak and his donkey. After hearing the story I reconsidered the main point of the video. What do we miss when we view the things we do? In the story the man is blind to what the donkey sees. Only when G-d communicates to the man through the donkey does he really understand the signs around him. Overall the practical life lesson I learned from this examination of this portion of the torah was that sometimes our gut isn’t helping us make the most logical decisions. The point of view of another person or group of people can open our eyes to a perspective that we can’t always interpret with our own eyes. This isn’t to say that our gut is right or wrong, but much like the story we sometimes can’t see all there is to see. Our gut is often what helps us make decisions, but we need more than our gut. If we can open our eyes to the reality that life presents us with, we can see more than meets the eye. In life, not everything is going to be spelled out clearly for us. In order to make educated decisions, we need to consider the reasons for our actions and the implications our actions may have on others. Like the story, sometimes we need that donkey (metaphorically) to help us see the light that is knowledge.

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Sam Wallach

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