I voted for Israel because it's the homeland for the Jews provided by religion, education, food and culture from all around Israel. I voted for HABAYIT YEHUDI because with these four main topics: Israel is the Jewish homeland to live with families, to pray God for the sources of food, water and the Jewish education including Jewish Ancestors and to serve their country in the IDF to save the State of Israel. Israel should not concede land because of the vow differences between Hamas saying for his refusal of giving up one inch of land of Palestine and Mashaal when he arrived in the Gaza Strip for the first time said that Palestine from the river to the sea, from the north to the south, is their land and they’ll never give up one inch of land of Palestine. Combat terror happens from when Hamas outlawed USA as a “terrorist organization” has pledged to Eygpt by combat terror in Sinai with President Mohammed Morsi vows to stand with Hamas “as one”. Improve Jewish education from across our community’s synagogues, schools, agencies and organizations for learners of all ages. The three main things are: To inform by generating, analyzing, and disseminating knowledge about effective practices. To involve by convening and creating networks for Jewish professionals, lay leaders, and institutions across the community. To Inspire by modeling innovative approaches and programs to inspire Jewish individuals and families.

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