Learn About This Week's Torah Portion: Try It Your Way Torah Portion

The Torah portion that I studied was Genesis 6:9 - 11:32 Parashat Noah. I studied with Keegan who was in my group this summer for Birthright. Our main focus is God commanded Noah to build an ark to save the animals from the flood. What really struck me was this quotation about what God had said to Noah, "Because the earth is filled with wrongdoing and corruption and robbery I am going to destroy it. Make yourself an ark of wood with enclosures for animals and gather food for all aboard. I shall bring a flood through the water upon the earth and destroy all that has the spirit of life." This quotation I've heard from God is that God brought sin to destroy the living and telling Noah to build an ark with stronghold wood helped the animals to be save from the flood. Pertaining to what God has mentioned on the quote, I think that God is doing the right thing for Noah to let the animals in the ark so that the animals would not risk their death through floods. Noah commanded his animals to step up into the ark and all the animals were saved.

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