In a previous post I created a video that explained the most meaningful moment to me while I was in Israel. My most meaningful moment was staying in the Bedouin tents because it was something I have never done before. I've never even went camping. Staying in tents in the desert made me see life in a different way. Some cultures are very accustomed to that type of living situation. Since I had never done something like that before, I was a little out of my element. After waking up the next morning, I realized how privileged I was to have a roof over my head at home. Not everyone needs to live in an apartment or house, but those who have the comfort of having a heated home are very privileged. Some people aren't as fortunate to have a roof, central heating, and air conditioning. Sleeping outside in the tents made me see how much strength and courage it takes to sleep outside. Some people who are homeless have to do that every night. Sometimes it's freezing, other times it rains, and occasionally it's too hot. With my new prospective of how lucky I am to live in the home that I do, I hope to work hard every day so that I can provide my future kids with the opportunities that I have. Here is the link to the video

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Sam Wallach

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