Learn About This Week's Torah Portion: Try It Your Way Torah Portion

For my weekly Torah portion, I did it with Katie and Jenna, both of whom I spent time with on our trip. We all shared very similar beliefs on women in the Torah and in modern day life, believe strongly that women should play a more active role in society. In this Torah portion, there were five daughters, Mahlah, Noa, Holga, Milcah, and Tirza. Each daughter felt strongly and in the face of adversity stood steadfast against her opponents. Because of their strong beliefs, they were able to succeed and triumph over all others. This Torah portion struck close to home for me because I often find myself having to stand up against those against me and work hard to make sure my voice and opinion are not only heard, but taken into account and realistically considered. This taught me that the best way to succeed is to hold true to your morals, beliefs, and values, and to never let them be compromised. I have to remember, even when I get down on myself, that the only way I am able to succeed is by letting others know that I am strong and that they cannot beat me. It is only when I've let them know that they've weakened me, that I really will be unable to succeed at my fullest potential.

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