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Transcript: The name of this week's Torah portion is Eikev Aliyah. As a part of Deuteronomy, much of the portion is a summary of earlier events and commandments. Some highlights include the basis for the Birkat Ha'mazon and the Shema. Much of the portion is taken up by Moses reminding the Israelites that control over the Land of Israel is the work of G-d rather than their own merits, and not to forget that fact. This translates to a real-life lesson. It is easy to go through life imagining that everything you achieve is a product of your own merit. However, it is impossible to avoid the fact that any lesson learned, any knowledge gained, is usually the product of some training or direction from someone else, and to remember those people should personal success ever become achieved. I, personally, have always enjoyed some Torah discussion/interpretation and would enjoy making this a weekly event.

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