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Read An Article About Israel: Israel Technology

Transcript: The Jerusalem Post article on Israeli Technology covers an new invention by Israel’s Elbit Systems called Canary. Canary is a system for fighter jets designed to detect a pilot’s health and engange in automatic flight if the pilot were to drop unconscious. The system works by monitoring the pilot’s blood pressure with a sensor in the helmet, which also serves as a visual interface to tell the pilot if Canary has been activated. An attachment to the article noted that Elmit Systems is also working on the helmet and heads-up display for NATO’s F-35, which means that Canary might eventually see use in the American Air Force as well as the I. A. F. Personally, I like the idea of seeing Israel and America working together on technology. Furthermore, I think that this is a brilliant system, as fighter jets are expensive pieces of equipment, and anything that can be done to save the aircraft and pilot from damage is always going to be a worthwhile investment.

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