Read An Article About Judaism: Interfaith Respect is Vital

The subject of this post is the article Interfaith Respect Is Vital by Rabbi Sacks. Link to the article as follows: I found this article thought provoking for a variety of reasons. Firstly, having just returned from the birth right trip in Israel where our group visited ancient biblical ruins such as the city of David and Masada, it is interesting to see another example of how history and ancient ruins are supportive and can provide a deeper understanding of what is written in the Bible. Additionally, the lesson that Rabbi Sacks draws from the story of Babel - of acceptance and respect of others' beliefs, resonates with me. Throughout history, Judaism is the only major religion that has never tried to make others convert. If all people embraced this ideal of cultural diversity - to live and let live - the world would certainly be a more peaceful place.

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Robert Soifer

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