Take a Course about Judaism- Earn $100: Habits of Happiness

I was tol to watch this video by a couple people. They informed me that it was interesting and not what I would expect it to be. I decided to invite some of my friends (Leah, Sarah, Lauren, Kevin, Isabella, and Gabby) over to watch it with me, even though it is not a long video. They brought some wine. We all talked about it afterwards and our views on what we believe true happiness it. The video brings up that happiness is built by what we feel about ourselves and setting goals that we achieve and reaching them. Happiness is not about material objects such as being able to afford a nice car, but instead, more about landing a position in a job that you've been working hard to get. Tying it back to Judaism, I realized that many Jews try to find the good in their lives. While on Birthright, being around those amazing people, showed me what inner happiness is all about. I was able to stop and put away my phone and daily stressors and really enjoy everything Israel had to offer. This video was very insightful and brought a lot of new concepts to my attention that I do not think about daily. It is something that I believe a lot of people, including myself, need to work on doing.

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Robert Soifer

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