Host a Shabbat Meal: OneTable Shabbat Meal

After getting back from Israel, I decided to host my very first Shabbat dinner. I invited my close friends (Isabella, Kevin, Lindsay, Gabby, and Joan) and told them to be patient with me since this was my first time hosting. I even purchased a Torah so I could say a prayer and really embrace what Shabbat is all about. I purchased food from a local Jewish deli (Challah, Kugel, Chicken, and Cholent Stew). We sat around the table and discussed our work week and I was able to tell them about Israel. I purchased Kosher Red Wine to serve with our meal. It was a very interesting dinner and I enjoyed being able to host it. I think I may try to do this every couple of months so I can get a bunch of people together. I used to go to Hebrew School so my Hebrew is still pretty good, which is great for when I am reading from the Torah

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Robert Soifer

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