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Host a Film Screening: Crossing the Line 2: The New Face of Anti-Semitism on Campus

I invited 12 of non-Jewish friends (1 was Jewish) to view this film because most wanted to support me and did not know how bad Anti-Semitism has become in our country alone. I also did not realize how bad the Anti-Zionist movement had become on educated university campuses around the country. It moved me to want to do better to defend Israel against this growing hate towards the hope that our homeland could finally attain peace with the Palestinians. It was difficult for me to relate the Jews feeling nervous about their beliefs on campus because I never saw such extreme protests whenever I went to college. I have many questions as to how we can find ways to educate those who have been misled by Anti-Zionist propaganda and how we can show those who think we are murderers that all we want is peace. This film was a perfect 10 because it did an excellent job in showing how bad the problem has become in our country and the reality of the situation. I hosted this screening at my home with 12 of my friends and I believed it went well because although they weren't Jewish, they paid attention and were truly shocked on how extreme the situation has become. They even got involved with a discussion on the topic of Israel and Anti-Semitism afterwards. Also they have requested that I host another film which I plan to do in the future.

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David Shaw

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