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I watched the "Video Tribute to Victims of the Holocaust." There was no voiceover in the piece. It was simply a beautiful collection of black and white photos under a powerful musical track. I expected all the photos to be chilling, gruesome images of Jews in the camps. Several of them were just that. There was images of families being transported to the camps, children looking terrified as they walked. One image in particular resonates with me. It depicted a scared young boy with his hands up. To my surprise, though, there was some happier shots- images of Jews smiling, seemingly enjoying their days before the Holocaust began. This was in addition to the music, which had louder instrumentals and a less somber tone than I expected. While I can't translate the lyrics, the mood of the music was powerful and seemingly more hopeful than I thought it would be. To me, that signifies an important lesson that I can learn regarding the Jewish people. No matter how dark the past may be or how difficult it may get, there is always hope for the future. The Jews never give up. They stare in the face of adversity and only use the tough times to grow stronger.

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