Watch A Video About Israel: With IDF Lone Soldier from Texas

I watched the video titled "IDF Lone Soldier From Texas," which was provided by the Israeli Video Network. The video tells the story of Zeev, a lone soldier originally from Texas who now served in the Golani Brigade. The video describes how Zeev decided he wanted to move to Israel and join the army at the mere age of 14...When I was 14, I was a freshman in high school and had no idea what I wanted to do when I got older. I certainly wasn't thinking about doing something as brave as joining the military and defending my country. But that's a reality for Israelis and for people like Zeev who choose to be lone soldiers. While we as Americans are starting college at age 18, Israelis are starting their service in the military. They are forced to mature more quickly because they have the tall task of defending their country. Before I went to Israel, I never thought much about the IDF. But after I met the eight amazing Israelis in my Birthright group, I gained such an appreciation for their braveness and their maturity. I think that's why I chose to watch this video. It reminded me so much of my new Israeli friends. Like Zeev, many of them have lost loved ones in battles, but they still serve proudly because they know how important it is to defend Israel.

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