Read An Article About Judaism: Read: Where Faith Meets Science by Mayim Bialik I read the article "Where Faith Meets Science" by Mayim Bialik and absolutely loved it. To be honest, I don't often give thought to the link between faith and science, but the way Mayim articulated her points was very informative and eye-opening. I especially like the way she spoke about the word "divine." People often shy away from this word, but when she uses it synonymously with other common words, such as simply "awesome," it becomes clear that "religious" thoughts aren't really different than other people's everyday thoughts, even if they don't relate those thoughts to G-d. She seamlessly makes her point when speaking of the simple beauty of a rainbow or the way the sun rises every morning. I love the way she speaks about G-d and the universe, describing how they have everything figured out, and we are just trying to catch up. "And that catching up is what we call our existence. And you know what? Everything is awesome." I can't say it as eloquently as Mayim did, so I'll steal a few of her words. And as she says, religion isn't trendy. It is however a wonderful thing to use to acknowledge, understand, and appreciate the beauties in everyday life.

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