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Host a Film Screening: Israel Inside: How a Small Nation Makes a Big Difference

I chose Israel Inside to learn what innovations Israel has invented to help the world globally. I learned that Israeli companies are in the top 3 of the most innovated countries in the world and that Israel's irrigation system is used in third-world countries all over the world. I was moved by the attitudes of these innovated Jews who wanted nothing more than to make positive impacts on others' lives. I was also able to really relate to this idea because I share that same idea as well to help others and in doing so spread Tikkun Olam. The best part was watch the paraplegics gain the ability to walk again, it was extremely moving. The question I am left with after watching the film is what else could Israeli companies end up doing? I am very interested to see where they end up going. This film is definitely a 10. I screened this film at my sister's house with my girlfriend and her boyfriend after Rosh Hashanah dinner. We were all touched by the way these Jews feel about using these innovations to help others.

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David Shaw

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