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The "Love & Relationships" class makes several interesting points, though it also further proves the point that love can be difficult to define. The difference between infatuation and love is thoroughly described. Lori Palatnick says infatuation is counterfeit. It is much more about projecting your perfect ideals on another person, (even when they don't actually meet them.) Men and women are different when it comes to love and relationships. Women need to be loved, while men need to be respected. I also enjoyed the discussion of soul mates, even though I don't know if I actually believe in the idea of soul mates. Palatnick, as well as Rabbi Raphael and Rebecca, discuss the meaning of the word "zifug." They talk about how G-d doesn't cut the soul in half but actually breaks it into two different pieces so that soul mates have different traits. That is why opposites attract. Overall, the class brings up many interesting points (and questions) about love and relationships.

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