Attend A Class about Judaism: Cinema: The Jewish Lens Online Film Series

I watched, "Cinema: The Jewish Lens- The Comedy of Conflict." Conflict is the root of all films. While that wasn't a hard fact to grasp, it was interesting to explore to use of drama and conflict in comedies. While watching comedies, people often laugh when the characters experience some source of pain or suffering. This can happen because in the end, everything turns out ok. The characters face huge conflicts and adversity, but the challenges are things that they are capable of overcoming. There can be parallels drawn between films and real life. G-d gives us challenges, but they are challenges that we have the capacity to beat. In Judaism, suffering is an important part of our lives. After we go through it, we learn a lesson that we will appreciate. We have to find meaning in our suffering. The Jewish people suffered in Egypt but that allowed them to bring out the best in themselves. Learning about the meaning and significance of our suffering makes it a lot easier to bear.

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