Attend A Class about Judaism: Habits of Happiness Online Film Series

I took the "Habits of Happiness- Self-Esteem" class. It helped demonstrated how the meaning of "self-esteem" can often be misconstrued. People who are arrogant and need constant attention are likely people who have lower self-esteem, while it's the people who are humble that often have higher self-esteem. It is only natural that we sometimes depend on the praise of others, but self-esteem is really about looking to yourself and feeling like you are competent and worthy of happiness. It also must be rooted in reality. If you are indeed talented at something, then take pleasure in that, but not pride. You must love yourself to love others, and you should never be afraid to fail. The journal exercise was also very valuable. If you seek certain traits in others but doesn't necessarily have those yourself, then that is an area you should look to in order to help yourself grow.

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