Advocate For Israel: Post About Your Favorite Israeli Innovation Israel's contribution to our world, and religions is far from few. One of the more significant things I feel Israel has given us as a culture is a homeland, and someplace that despite the views of anyone else in the world, we can remain united as one and stand up for what we know is true and right. After reading the article it has also enlightened me about Israel "turning the desert green", with conservation being one of the closest things to my heart knowing that Israel is helping its land, people, air, and world by planting tree's educating on agriculture and farming and remaining entirely self sustained is incredibly inspiring and makes me love Israel that much more! As the young country that Israel is, it stands as a symbol of Peace, and what it is to know in our heart that this is spiritually our home and Israel will protect to in every way shape and form they possibly can, It truly connects me and inspires me to do whatever I can to continue Israels progression to peace.

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