Advocate For Israel: Post About Your Favorite Israeli Innovation I believe The International School for Holocaust Studies at Yad Vashem is a great contribution Israel has to offer to the world. Seeing as only 5 states in the USA currently require their public schools to teach about the Holocaust, it is very comforting as the granddaughter of a Holocaust survivor to see establishments such as the International School for Holocaust Studies trying to promote Holocaust education across the world. When my grandmother decided to write her book containing the compilation of letters she secretly wrote while in Terezin, she decided to do so for the sake of posterity - for my father, my aunt, my sister and I, and my cousins. Not only did this book provide our family with great insight into the world in which my grandmother was incredibly lucky to have survived, but it provides evidence for my future children, and my sister’s future children, to learn about their family history, since they will unfortunately not have the opportunity to hear about it directly from my grandmother like we did. I never truly realized the importance of this book, however, and of other Holocaust memoirs, until my grandmother’s funeral. Listening to the rabbi speak at the event, (ironically on Yom Hashoah), I came to the realization that this book and her paintings are the only real things we have left to remember her by, and to remember this grave time in history which must never be forgotten. The same goes for all other memoirs - without them, we would never truly understand the importance of the meaning “Never Forget”, and would only know the facts which are provided to us by the hard evidence. The details in these memoirs, however, give us reason and implore us to share them with future generations, and to always remember the complexities of the event, which is another main reason why many survivors choose to write their narratives. They write because they feel they have an obligation to future generations to provide them with the knowledge and historical evidence to prevent them from re-living the same fate. Since there will soon no longer be any survivors left, it is now my generation's responsibility to educate the world about this grave event, and I take comfort in knowing that there are projects out there, especially some of the ones being done by Yad Vashem, that are working towards educating the world about this horrific event in time.

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