Advocate For Israel: Post About Your Favorite Israeli Innovation

Sam Wallach Larchmont, NY 21 years old OU-30-722 (Meor Maryland-MJX) When looking back, one thing I will always remember about Israel is the breakfast selection. I realize the food we ate was hotel/hostel food, but the choice meals were quite different from that served in America. The biggest difference that really stuck out to me was that so many vegetables were served for breakfast. I can’t recall any morning when cucumber salad and bell peppers weren’t an option for breakfast. This healthy first meal always helped start off my day the right way. Eating a healthy high fiber meal in the morning helped keep me nourished through the days. In addition, the vegetables were loaded were so clean and fresh that my stomach never got upset. This lifestyle choice to eat such a veggie filled breakfast is one that I think more people should follow. Eating cucumbers in the morning is a good way to begin the day. Also, eating healthier makes you more energetic through the day, and keeps the immune system functioning well.

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Sam Wallach

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