Cook Your Own Israeli Dish: Cook A Dish From Gourmet Kosher Cooking

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A premiere site for kosher recipes, wine, and more! Gourmet Kosher Cooking is run by a busy mom who searches food magazines, the latest cookbooks, and TV shows to find the best new food trends. The recipes are adapted to be kosher and easy to prepare! 

Try some recipes from Gourmet Kosher Cooking today. 


  1. Choose a recipe that interests you from the resources posted.

  2. Gather up all of the necessary ingredients and prepare the dish.

  3. Upload a photo of you holding the dish that you prepared OR a photo of you cooking the dish.

  4. Briefly explain the culinary experience

    • What did you choose to cook?

    • Why did you choose to prepare this particular dish?

    • What was the cooking process like?