Explore Your Jewish Ancestry: Interview An Elder Jewish Family Member

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Isn’t it amazing that wherever you go there’s always someone Jewish? The Jewish diaspora refers to the dispersion of Jews throughout the world. Each person and each family has a unique story, and the best place to start exploring your Jewish heritage is right from home. Much like our family tree, Judaism goes way back. We want to hear about YOUR Jewish lineage! Who are your ancestors? Where did they come from? What are some traditions that your family hold dearly? It's time to put on your "interviewer hat" and discover some amazing things and hear unbelievable stories!


  1. Conduct an interview with a parent, grandparent, or aunt/uncle.

  2. In the text post, tell us who you interviewed.

  3. Ask as many questions and discuss as many topics as you need to fill the 3-5 minute interview.

    • Learn about your ancestors -- their names, where they were born, their journey, etc. Show photos if you have any!

    • What traditions do your family keep that have been passed down?

    • What defines your Judaism and your family’s Judaism?

    • What will you do to ensure that you keep your Judaism alive?

    • Feel free to branch out and include your own set of questions and topics.