Make Yom Kippur Meaningful: ?What Can You Do Now?

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Resource Description
For 26 hours, we “afflict our souls” by fasting on Yom Kippur. We spend most of our time in synagogue, praying for forgiveness and asking God to grant us a fruitful upcoming year. In our prayers, there are several passages that we say, asking God to grant us health, happiness, love, riches, etc. So with Yom Kippur approaching, what can we do now to be on the right path this upcoming year?

Posting Requirements

  1. Read the Resource Description above.

  2. In at least five sentences, please answer the following question:
    • As you think about this upcoming year, what are three things you want to ask from God as we begin the New Year? Please give a reason for each.

  3. In 4 to 6 sentences, please answer the following questions:

    • Where are you spiritually? How do you define your Jewish identity – in whichever way that means to you?

    • How would you like to grow spiritually, philosophically, and/or religiously?