Perform a Jewish Ritual: Put On Tefillin

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Tefillin, also known as Phylacteries, are little black leather boxes traditionally worn every morning during prayer services. Tefillin are wrapped on one’s arm, next to their heart, and around one’s head, symbolizing that our minds should be connected to hearts, which in turn should affect our actions. In other words it’s a meditation on living with integrity and fulfilling your dreams!

If you don’t own a pair of kosher tefillin, you should be able to find one at your local synagogue. The rabbi will be happy to show you how to make a blessing and put it on. 


  1. Take a picture of yourself wearing the Tefillin and post it to the site.

  2. Describe your experience;

    • Where did you put on Tefilllin?

    • Did anyone assist you in putting on the Tefillin? Who was it?

  3. Write about what putting on tefillin means to you.