Celebrate Rosh Hashanah: The Human Touch by Dr. Jackie Yaris

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Resource Description
This moving story tells the tale of a surgeon, who hardened himself when dealing with dying patients. When his sister became the patient though, his world and perspective turned upside down. What does this story touching story have to do with Rosh Hashanah? Click here to read and find out: The Human Touch

Posting Requirements

  1. Read the Resource Description above.

  2. Click on the link above and read “The Human Touch.”

  3. In at least five sentences, please answer the following two questions:

    • What was the story about?

    • What did you think of the story and why?

  4. The story ends with the following quote: “I will be thinking about the ancient, clear eyes of Yoda, and about the remarkable transformation of the surgeon, and be heartened to know that real change is truly possible.” 
    • Write about a time in your life where either you or a loved one experienced real change.