Discover Rosh Hashanah: The Human Touch by Dr. Jackie Yaris

The story was about a surgeon who was detached from his patients and their intricate personal lives. As a surgeon dealing with many patients on a daily basis, he was insensitive to them. However, when his sister was diagnosed with cervical cancer, his perspective and attitude changed. He was now on the other side, and was very sad. We do not realize the pain of others until we are hit with it personally. I thought the story was very relatable to people working in the medical field who have to see patients and their families dealing with death. Medical personnel such as doctors and nurses are trained to be strong as "soldiers". But no on prepares them to deal with a death when it is personal to them. I experienced a death in the family a couple of years ago and watched my mother mourn the death of her father. I never really understood how other people felt when they lost a loved one or family member. Just like the surgeon in the story, you become weak and not as strong as you are on the other side delivering the news.

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Yelena Reznik

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