Advocate For Israel: Vote in a Mock Israeli Election

I voted for Avodah. Although I am not a Socialist Democrat (meaning my beliefs are not that far to the left), I really liked what Kineret had to say about this party. She talked about equal rights and equal pay in the workplace for women and think that is a highly important issue that too often gets pushed to the side. Also, the party leader is a woman and that would be a refreshing change for the state of Israel. Another point was improving the lives of the middle class, which is very important. I believe a strong upper middle class is the best way to go. Catering only to the rich, which is a very minuscule population, is unjust and unrealistic. Lastly, keeping the peace talks going is extremely crucial. Israelis deserve to live in place where they don't have to fear their and their loved ones' safety. Everyone has the right to feel safe in their home.

Points Earned: 5