Watch A Video About Judaism: Watch Charlie Harary Videos

I watched the Charlie Harary video "Dealing with Haters" found on this link: From this video, I learned that online use can reach billions of people around the world, which has both its positives and negatives. If this is the case, this is good because I'm reaching people who are interested. Haters are going to hate so shake it off. Charlie gave me the following suggestions: 1. Don't take it personally 2. Use it to get better - if it hurts then maybe they hit a nerve and they may be right. This could be a great way to grow 3. Show you're human and respond with grace and class 4. Most people that like my work won't comment they will just like or share (we are more likely to remember negative feedback than praise) 5. Never stop! I will apply this to my Jewish identity both through not being too sensitive and using social media to my best judgment. Some aspects of my life are great to share with the world, and many should remain personal.

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