Advocate For Israel: Research An Israeli Company

i researched mobileye which stated in israel in 1999. it is a company which invented a mono camera for your car that gets attached to the front of your car and can calculate the amount of seconds it will take to hit the car in front of you based on how far you are driving and how far you are from the car in front of you. it then beeps and alerts you of the danger when you are too close. it can also recognize when you are moving away from your lane or if the is a person in front of your car. it was made to prevent accidents from happening. it now has headquarters all over the world including america. and it is used in many cars worldwide. in israel it will soon go into the law that every car has to have a mobileye installed in it. i found this company inspiring because they found a way to reduce the amount of car accidents and reduce the amount of people that get hurt in accidents. they took an issue that is worldwide and are targeting it so solve it.

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Talia Ben Chetrit
Hillel 36-1433

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