Reflections On Your Jewish Experiences: Reflect On Your Bar/Bat Mitzvah

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Bar mitzvah v1

Did you have a bar/bat mitzvah when you hit 12 or 13? If not, did you agree to have one on your Birthright trip? Was it more bar than mitzvah or was it a powerful experience? A bar mitzvah is really a statement of allegiance to being an adult member of the greater Jewish community. That may have more meaning now than ever.

Record a video and talk about your bar mitzvah experience and what it meant to you – when you had it and now.


  1. Describe your bar/bat mitvah. Please be sure to include: 

    • How old were you when you had your Bar or Bat Mitzvah ceremony?

    • What did you talk about in your speech?

    • Did you read from Torah? If yes, tell us which Parsha and what it was about.

    • Look back on it, how did you feel about your Bar or Bat Mitzvah ceremony and why?