Take a Course about Israel- Earn $100: Israel Inside/Out

I learned a lot while watching the Israel Inside/Out videos. The first thing that I thought was very interesting was learning about the Israeli Army and everything they have to go through just in basic training. It was so intense and inspiring the way they all came together and helped each other through the tough times. I learned that their basic training is over 200 days and that they not only have to train as soldiers, but also work in the kitchen throughout their time there. Another interesting thing that I learned was that people becomes refugees through wars and conflicts where people are forcibly displaced or leave to safety. These refugees are split up into four different groups: 1. elite and wealthy Arabs, 2. those encouraged to leave by the invading Arab armies, 3. those who were expelled from their homes when the war began, and 4. the majority group who fled the conflict zone looking for a safe haven. Another interesting thing that I learned from these videos was that Israel has been described as the top threat to world peace and the country with the most negative influence on the world. From the Israel in the media video I also learned that there are more foreign journalists in Jerusalem than anywhere in the world, and that Israel receives 75 times more media coverage than any other area of equal population.

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Michele Baldasti

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