Take a Course about Israel- Earn $100: Israel Inside/Out

I watched the 7 video course with the 7 quizzes. I enjoyed all the videos and learned a lot. My brother is in the U.S. Army so it was interesting to compare what he told me about his training and compare it to the IDF training. I like that everyone has to serve in the IDF, I think it makes Israelis strong and appreciative of their country, I feel many Americans could benefit if we did something like that. Also, I found the myth vs fact section very interesting. That showed me just how manipulative and subjective the media can be and that I should not take everything I read at face value, maybe research more into the subject to get the facts. The other videos were very informative as well, however, these were the 2 I enjoyed the most. Overall I learned a great deal.

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Erin Randell

Points Earned: 30