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I watched the 7 Israel inside/ out videos. Even though it took quite a bit of time to complete I really enjoyed this because it reminded me to reflect on my time in Isreal. I appreciated my experience much more after Hillel guided us through the aspects of being a citizen in Israel. It’s more complicated than living in any other country, but to me that is what provokes the compassion that Israelis feel for their land. The ties to the military and what it takes to become a member of the IDF was eye opening to me. The video gave it a deeper meaning for me and aided in my understanding of the lifestyle and obstacles. The technology section reminded me of my birthright trip when we visited a place that was known for innovation and we designed our own obstacle course. I learned from Hillel that the App “Waze” was created in Israel along with many other successful companies. Hillel combined with the video made me consider my career choice and how it could translate to raising a family in Israel. The video about the news reporting bias and the Palestinian conflict made my heart ache as I watched. Based on my trip, I now know that as Americans we are basically mind washed into believing that Israel is bullying everyone with missiles and violence. Which obviously is not true and Israel is just looking to protect their citizens and give the luxury of piece of mind. Also, I learned about the PLO and their existence as a terrorist group that denied Israel’s right to existence. The videos were a great mind refresher for all of the facts that I learned on birthright, but I was excited to continue building on my knowledge.

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Kol Hakavod - Impact: Make Your Mark

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Mishpacha- Family

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Kol Hakavod - Israel Inside/Out

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Kol Hakavod - Cinema: The Jewish Lens

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Kol Hakavod - Habits of Happiness

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Bruchim HaBaim

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Chavaya/ Experience

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Kol Hakavod - Judaism 101

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