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My mom recently conducted a genealogy report on and found records of what my great grandmother did as a living (was a bookkeeper at a library) and great grandfather did (was a taxi driver). I believe they made $30 a week living in the tenement homes. My grandma lived in the tenement homes as a child, although they weren't called the tenement homes. Both sides of my families are eastern-european Ashkenazi jews (making me about 98% Ashkenazi jewish), and I love being told the stories of how different couples came together. I recently saw my great aunt in New York, and she recalled how my grandma met my grandpa: my grandma's sister and my grandpa's sister conspired to have a shared bedroom together as children (in the tenement homes) and therefore set up my grandparents so they can have more freedom. I thought the story was endearing and incredible just imaging their housing situation. Traditionally, my family recalls family history through making fun of little stereotypically-jewish habits (i.e. my great grandma always had way too many collected towels and insisted her children and grandchildren always take her towels when going to summer camp). One way I will perpetuate my judaism is by retelling my family's history. My grandparents usually are too disturbed to discuss in detail who they knew directly affected by the holocaust, but they always love retelling their years as children in America after the great depression as hardworking jewish citizens. They also are all about food (both sides of my family), so I will attempt to carry on my grandparents' legacy of top-notch kugel, matzo-ball soup, and the like.

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