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I chose Way #7: The True Charisma. The main theme of this article was the idea of humility. I live my life with this philosophy. I make it a priority not to brag or seem cocky when I achieve some source of success. I feel awkward talking about my achievements and I resent those who rub their success in other people's faces. Also, this passage from the article really spoke to me. "Humility means 'living with the reality that nothing matters except doing the right thing.' The humble person is totally dedicated to the pursuit of truth. And because his self-esteem is not dependent on approval from others, he can choose the right thing even when it's not popular or politically correct." There's two things I love about that statement. Number one, the idea that one does not need the approval from others is really important to me. I make sure that I don't make decisions on behalf of other people's opinions. I do what makes me feel good and what makes me feel comfortable. I try everything in my power not to give in to peer pressure or trying to conform. Number two, the idea of choosing to do the right thing even when it's an unpopular choice is also very crucial to me. If I see a bunch of people picking on a kid who can't stand up for him/herself, I will go defend that person. Even if it means having to face a group of people who are against my actions. What's right is right and you can't deny yourself the action of doing the right thing just for the sake of other people's judgements towards you.

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