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I asked Amanda my questions. 1) I'm going old school on this one and saying Moses. Leading us out of slavery, getting the Torah, pretty important stuff. 2) I missed the day y'all went to Tzfat, so I'll have to look to Wikipedia for this one. Seems like a lot of prominent rabbis went there after the Jews were expelled from Spain 3) I would say the traditions vary on some levels, but the major concepts and practices are the same. But I haven't been to many Jewish communities around the world. Have you? 4) I doubt they consider American Jews 'bad,' however as we learned from our Israeli friends their Judaism is so tied into their identity as Israelis, that many Israelis don't understand what it's like to be Jewish in America. 5) I LOVE BAGELS!!!! They were brought to America by Polish Jews and became popularized when Mr. Lender invented the pre-sliced frozen variety 6) It's probably not realistic for every college to offer Hebrew major, but it would be great if more colleges at least offered Hebrew courses. Mizzou doesn't and it is a big turn off for potential Jewish students. 7) 0 per year. We do have some courses on Judaism, the Hebrew bible, and Israeli Film though! 8) I think things are changing and it will be interesting to see what happens! I learned a lot from Yonatan that I didn't know about Orthodox Judaism in Israel. 9) They do recognize gay marriages performed in countries 10) I think I'll have to go back and travel by myself to really discover my favorite place, but from our trip I loved the Dead Sea and the Kibbutz we stayed in up north.

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