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Frequently Asked Questions

Bring Israel Home is an exclusive, Birthright continued engagement program that is offered to a select number of lucky buses each season. At Bring Israel Home, our goal is help the participants continue their Jewish journey, as well as maintain their connection with their busmates, long after Birthright is over.

We offer Birthright buses the one thing they could never buy - a reunion. Birthright is a gift, but the Bring Israel Home reunion is something that participants earn. The way a bus earns a reunion is by participating in the 100 Day Challenge. If 75% of the bus completes the 100 Day Challenge, the bus will win a mega-reunion alongside all the other winning Birthright buses AND, we fly in the Israelis.

Bring Israel Home is an exclusive Birthright continued engagement opportunity, offered to a select few returning buses. We carefully handpick the buses that are offered Bring Israel Home together with your trip organizers. The buses that successfully earn 100 points of Jewish activities through the 100 Day Challenge, are eligible for a reunion.

All buses chosen for the Bring Israel Home 100 Day Challenge, will be notified during their Birthright trip. If your bus chooses to accept the offer, you can start earning points towards the 100 Day Challenge as soon as you return to the U.S.

The 100 Day Challenge, at its core, is an opportunity for returning Birthright Israel participants to try a variety of Jewish activities, find those activities that they love and want to continue to live. Furthermore, the 100 Day Challenge is also your bus’s path to earning a reunion.

Bring Israel Home participants can choose to complete any Jewish activity (listed on the Bring Israel Home website) that speaks to them to earn 100 points. In order to earn the reunion, 75% or more of the American participants from the Birthright Israel bus, must earn 100 points within 100 Days after returning from their Birthright Israel trip. To attend the reunion, you must complete your 100 points.

“Milestones” are designated deadlines marked at day 33, 66, and 100 of the challenge. On those dates, three-quarters of the bus participants will need to have accrued the necessary amount of points in order for the bus to be allowed to continue on in the challenge. This means that participants must accrue 33 points by day 33, 66 points by day 66, and 100 points by day 100.
Milestones are generally over at midnight unless the milestone falls on a Friday in which case the points will be due by 7:00 PM.
Participants must log on to the Bring Israel Home website, complete the activities that appeal to them and document the activity by posting either a text, photo or video to based on the instructions of each activity.
Participants can browse the Bring Israel Home categories page and choose activities that speak to them. In the activities, there will be a series of instructions that must be followed in order to receive valid points. To post the activity, be sure to click on the “Post” button on the activity page. On the post submission page, participants will be asked to upload a photo/video and/or write about their experience completing the activity. To make sure that your feedback was posted, you must click “Post”.
Bring Israel Home assigns each activity a point value determined based upon level of difficulty as well as the estimated time of completion.
A badge was created to group together a few related activities. Once a participant completes all activities within the same category, they can receive a badge.
When participants complete an entire badge, they will receive bonus points.
In addition to earning points for the activities that are under the specific badge you chose, you will also receive 10 bonus points for completing the badge.
You will get the individual points earned for the activities completed. However, you will not receive any bonus points.
No, the same system is used for posting all activities on the Bring Israel Home website.
Posts are typically marked invalid for the following reasons:
  1. The post did not adhere to instructions
  2. The post was an unintentionally posted duplicate of a previously submitted post
  3. The post was incomplete
  4. The post’s photo or video was not approved
  5. The post was for an activity not completed during the challenge period
  6. The post could not be confirmed with a partner organization
Posts may be marked invalid for other reasons, and an explanation will always be provided.
Please note: If Bring Israel Home staff determine that participants may be cheating, the participant as well as that participant’s bus may be disqualified from the Bring Israel Home 100 Day Challenge.
If a post is deemed invalid, an email will be sent to the participant notifying them and informing them that they have a window of time to correct, complete, or redo according to the notes from our staff.
Participants should click on the “Forgot Password” link beneath the login box in the top right corner of the Bring Israel Home homepage.
Absolutely! Participants should click the “try it your way” button on the bottom of your user dashboard and fill out the form to suggest an activity which is not listed on the Bring Israel Home website. A BIH staff member will review your requests and allocate points for your suggestion accordingly.
Unfortunately not, we can only accept posts for activities that have been completed during the Bring Israel Home 100 Day Challenge period.
Participants who do not feel that they can participate in the Bring Israel Home 100 Day Challenge should email [email protected] to discuss Bring Israel Home policies for extenuating circumstances.

Contact us below with your questions, comments, praises, or criticisms (we wanna hear it all!) and a Bring Israel Home representative will contact you.

Note: Always refer to your individual bus page for specific details pertaining to your individual group.

100 day Challange

The competition begins immediately when participants return to the U.S. on day 11 and runs for 100 days. Participants will need to login and create an account by using the link that will be emailed to them in order to get started.
During the 100 day period, participants (including the Israelis) will have the opportunity to accrue points for various Jewish and Israel related activities. Each individual is responsible to accrue at least 100 points during the 100 day timeframe.
Participants must log on to, complete activities that appeal to them and document the activity by posting a text, photo or video to based on the requirements of each activity.
Three-quarters of the bus (for ex. 30 of the 40 people) need to qualify by accruing 100 points, in order for the bus to retain a spot at the mega-reunion and unlock the opportunity for some of their Israelis to join them. This way, the competition is not about individuals, but about the bus working together as a mishpacha.
Israelis do not count towards the three-quarters. However, only the Israelis who complete the 100 points will be considered for the trip to America and the leadership program.
Not at all, we only require that 75% of a bus completes each milestone, it doesn’t have to be the same participants each time but generally will end up being the same group based on the number of participants who sign up and the amount of points required by each milestone.
Points are awarded immediately upon submission. If a post is marked invalid, points will be subsequently subtracted. While this sometimes leads to confusion, we do this because it is less confusing than having to wait for points to post. If your points were deemed as invalid, you will receive a personal email letting you know what happened and what you can do to correct the issue in order to receive valid points.


Only those that complete 100 points within the 100 Day Challenge can attend the BIH Reunion.
If your bus qualifies for the reunion, but you did not participate in the 100 Day Challenge and did not complete 100 points, you will be able to attend the reunion if you cover your own expenses. In addition, flight stipends will not be available to those who did not complete 100 points.

Israeli participants who would like the chance to attend the reunion are required to complete 100 points during these 100 days but will also need to meet a set of their own criteria in order to be eligible for a plane ticket (in addition to their bus qualifying).

  • Proof of valid passport must be submitted by August 31st.
  • Proof of valid visa must be submitted by August 31st.
  • 100 Points completed before interview.
  • Ability to travel for at least 1 week to the US for reunion + leadership mission (this includes written permission from army commanders, school and/or employers).
  • Must be interviewed on-site in Jerusalem and accepted to the Triumph Leadership Mission.
  • Must have completed registration by August 31st which will include all their requested flight info.
  • Upon acceptance, must attend a pre-trip orientation in Jerusalem.
If a bus qualifies for reunion, their American trip staff is welcome to attend the reunion is well and can also receive travel reimbursement. Please see travel reimbursement section.
Reunions are only open to American trip staff at this time. If Israeli staff would like to attend the reunion, a proper request should be made to our BIH Reunion staff immediately and special efforts will be made to cover the costs of the Reunion only. Travel will need to be covered by the staff or the TO. We allocate a budget for a limited number of Tour Educators / Morei Derech to come. We will work with your Trip Organizer to determine who should be brought in once a request is submitted to [email protected]
All hotel, food, and entertainment costs at the reunion will be covered for participants once they reserve their spot by registering and paying the $25 registration fee. Please note: All travel and activities done during free time or outside the Reunion are the responsibility of each participant.

Travel reimbursements are available for those participants who are traveling from more than 90 miles to the reunion location. Buses may be provided free of charge to large groups traveling within 90 miles. This will be determined based on need. The breakdown for stipends are as follows.

  • 90 - 200 miles from the reunion can receive $50 travel reimbursement.
  • 200+ miles can receive up to a $250 reimbursement.

To receive a travel stipend, participants must submit their travel receipts and trip itinerary to the BIH Reunion staff at the time of registration. Reimbursements are completed within 3 weeks of the reunion after confirmation of attendance and submitted documents.

Canceling registration within 29 days of reunion incurs a $75 cancellation fee. Canceling within 2 days of the reunion (or failure to attend) will incur a $180 cancellation fee.
All participants must participate in all BIH activities at the reunion to be eligible for the complimentary weekend and their travel stipend. A major lack of participation may incur a loss of travel stipend or the charge of a $180 cancellation fee.
Israeli participants will all be flying in together on the same flight and arrive sometimes during the week prior to the reunion depending on when the Triumph Leadership Mission (TLM) begins. If the Israeli participants would like to sightsee, we encourage them to do so but only after the reunion and TLM is over and they will need to extend the dates of their travel arrangements.
American and Israeli participants can extend their trip according to their schedules, but these costs will not be covered by Bring Israel Home. Please note: due to visas and flight availability, Israeli participants are required to request an extension at the time of registration.
Israeli participants that are being flown in for the Bring Israel Home reunion will be required to take part in the Triumph Leadership Mission program, a 4 day leadership program in the USA (usually in NYC or LA) directly before or after the reunion. Participants will meet with leaders of different Jewish Organizations, spend time in Jewish communities as well as sightsee. All accommodations and food will be provided for the duration of this program.